In 2018, Martin and John were named Managing Directors of the Peakstone Group; a Chicago-based investment bank that specializes in mergers and acquisitions advisory and capital raising for middle market clients. As Managing Directors, we have access to Peakstone's vast network of capital markets and outstanding back-office resources. Peakstone clients range from single-digit, million dollar revenue companies to businesses with over $500 million revenue companies owned by entrepreneurs or families seeking capital to sell, grow, refinance, or otherwise capitalize their businesses, now or at some desired time in the future. Peakstone's ability to support their client’s objectives with capital is the foundation of its business and strategy. The Peakstone team is comprised of senior investment banking professionals who have decades of experience and have executed hundreds of transactions totaling billions of dollars. 

Over the past 2 years, Dillard Capital has been working to introduce and firmly establish the Peakstone Group as the preeminent investment banking advisory firm to private, entrepreneur-owned and family-owned businesses in Louisiana and through the South.